Kevin Ebbs



The  Premier Roofing Company in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas & Ohio. 

We specialize in storm restoration, centered around both residential and commercial re-roofs.

The Premier Solar System sales organization, working alongside Design Roofing.

Solar is the future, jump on it now!


We are a Non-Profit Charity formulated by the Design Companies partnership group. 

This organization is a direct giving charity, operated by a Board of Volunteers.


We are renovation & remodeling company operating throughout both Houston and Dallas, Texas, 

Focused primarily on new home additions, home remodels and commercial buildouts. 


Elevate1 Media is both a Media agency, with a team of photographers, videographers and content creators; along with a full production company overseeing many podcast and music videos.


BLK Sheep Hospitality is the Principle Ownership Group for many venues in the restaurant and nightlife scene.

We hope to brand ourselves as a premier host and event management group. 


Oasis Rental Group own and operate multiple vacation properties ranging from cabins to villas. 

We strive to deliver outstanding service and premier lodging. 


Kevin Ebbs Enterprises an organization formed to help coach entrepreneurs and business owners. 

Coaching, Sales Training, Motivational Speeches and Information based input. 

Pillarstone Homes is a Luxury Home Builder in the Dallas Area; Specializing in both New Builds, Sold-By-Builder and Custom Built Homes Per Order.

We Set Our To Build Relationships Through Building Homes. 

The Glamour Con is a yearly women’s beauty conference designed to help women elevate their craft and businesses through peer empowerment and mentorship. 

We strive to be the best yearly event out to help the industry grow!



Drexel Yachts is a premier luxury yacht chartering company in the Cancun-Tullum, Mexico area. 

We Provide world class experiences. 


Foreign Oxygen is a luxury exotic rental company in Dallas, Texas. Specializing in high value exotic vehicles, we deliver a premier turn key booking experience.